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(We are expanding our range, but we also want to be sure of the quality, and we test every printer and every type of plastic ourselves, so that we are sure that we stand behind our products. Because of this, you will steadily discover new articles on our website.

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New in our range:

I do not have a printer yet

If you do not have a 3D printer yet, you will find something here, from the beginners printer, easy to use, to the more technical printer, with which you can also make the most difficult prints.

Are you still a bit afraid that it is all too technical? But you already have a nice 3D design that you want to have printed?
Then you can go to Partshop.be, our other web shop, where we can print your design and finish it in the material and colour of your choice.

All you need is the 3D design in a valid .STL or .OBJ format, as you can find on thingiverse, or draw it yourself using one of the packages mentioned above.