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Price increase some filaments after new supply

As everyone has already noticed, life has become more expensive : Energy prices are more expensive, the supermarket is becoming more expensive.
Unfortunately, our products cannot escape this dance either.
For example, our last order of eSun filaments has taught us that in China, at the manufacturer, the plastics have increased by 40%, and the transport by 400%.
This has led us to have no choice but to adjust our selling prices as well.
However, in order to play fair, we will gradually adjust the price of only those products that are new to stock, and leave the products that are still in stock at their original price.
So don't be surprised to see differences in the price of filaments of the same type, in different colors, on the website.

We hope for your understanding.

From now on:

Every Saturday, during the pickup time between 15 and 18h, there is also possibility to just come by Come and take a look at our range of articles (and possibly buy them on the spot).
We have a printed sample of each filament type and color so you can choose more easily.
Our address: Stationsstraat 12 , Willebroek Google Maps
Payment options on site: Payconiq, Bancontact or Cash

Welcome to 3D Supplies

How nice to welcome you here.
Working with 3D printers ourselves for over 12 years, we have a good idea of the needs of this community.

That is why the articles we offer have been selected with the utmost care.

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us and we will gladly help you.
(We are expanding our range, but we also want to be sure of the quality, and we test every printer and every type of plastic ourselves, so that we are sure that we stand behind our products. Because of this, you will steadily discover new articles on our website.

Create your profile now so that you will be informed about the launch of this webshop and any promotions. You can fill in your profile on the Account page.

You will also find us at various fairs and events for hobbyists and model makers, where we would like to welcome you.

Not sure yet how 3D printing works correctly? Take a look at this page : How does a 3D printer work?

Are you looking for some great tips? Go to our question and answer page, there you will find links to websites with free software videos and nice 3D objects.

If you have a problem with your printer or a certain type of filament, please contact us via email or the messenger here on the page, and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Even if the material was not purchased from us!

You can find more information under "About us...". Be sure to read our 'Privacy Policy' and 'Terms and Conditions' for all the information you need to shop at 3D Supplies.

Greetings, Bart & Luc